Is Chiropractic Safe During Pregnancy?

We successfully help many pregnant women overcome aches, soreness, and pain associated with their pregnancy. If you have any worries or concerns feel free to ask us. Dr. Richards has special training in working with pregnant women and will always try to make the adjustments as comfortable as possible. There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care during pregnancy.

With pregnancy comes several changes to the body.
• As your abdomen expands, posture changes increase strain on your lower back
• Sciatic nerve pressure from joint dysfunction and muscle tension causes tingling and numbness down the leg
• Increased weight puts more load on stabilizing muscles and joints causing back soreness
• Changes in breast size increases curvature of your upper back resulting in joint dysfunction
• Your growing baby puts pressure on the rib cage causing pain with breathing and rotation
• Sleeping becomes uncomfortable and new positions result in misaligned hips
• Increase in the hormone Relaxin allows ligaments to loosen for labor, but also effects stability of joints.

Benefits of chiropractic during pregnancy include:
• Controlling symptoms of nausea
• Reducing time of labor by more than 30% on average
• Relieving pain and soreness


Why would my kids need an adjustment?
Children go through a lot that we don’t think about.
Age 0-5
• In the first year of life they learn to roll over, sit-up, crawl, stand, and walk each putting new strains on their muscles, bones, and nerves.
• They grow incredibly fast which stresses the bones.
• They fall down a lot which can result in little misalignments.
• They are very active.
Age 6-12
• They carry heavy backpacks that result in 7000 kids a year visiting emergency rooms for back pain.
• They sit in hard plastic chairs for several hours at school.
• They are still growing quickly.
• They still fall down a lot and are very active.
Ages 13-18
• New hormones are changing their bodies.
• This is the most likely age to begin developing scoliosis.
• Athletics takes a toll on their still developing bodies.
• All of the 6-12yr old things still pertain.

Benefits of Chiropractic for children include:
Supports strong immune system
Helps proper nerve development
Promotes good posture, balance, and range of motion
Improves athletic ability

How often should my child be adjusted?
• Major milestones: sitting up, crawling, walking
• Every 6 months for well child adjustment
• Following any trauma or falls
• Beginning of a sports season for athletes
• With notice of any imbalance (posture, limping, etc)

Chiropractic has been found effective in helping children with
– Headaches               -Scoliosis               -Ear aches/infections               -Bedwetting                -Neck and back pain               – Muscle pain