Even during a slow 5mph accident, body damage can occur from the tremendous forces placed on your joints and soft tissues. These forces can result in strains, joint restrictions, whiplash, nerve impairment and even ligament and disc injury which can cause chronic issues if not quickly addressed. These injuries generally don’t show up on an x-ray, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t present. Due to the increased adrenaline after an accident, you may not notice pain and stiffness right away. Using pain medication for these injuries only masks the symptoms, leaving the underlying problems to become long term concerns. The best choice that you can make is to consult Dr. Richards as soon after your accident as possible, so that he can work you through a series of tests to analyze your possible injuries.

What does it Cost? – NOTHING

Fortunately in Utah your auto insurance includes a coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). That means whether or not you were at fault you have $3000 of healthcare coverage, which includes your chiropractic and massage care. And auto insurance companies aren’t allowed to raise your rates for using it.

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